UK musician Sam West combines his gospel piano skills with classical violin discipline, to create an album that is both soothing, and entertaining. A fresh, sparkling approach, that will soothe the listener's spirit, and bring joy to the soul!

These days it is so easy to overcrowd recordings with many sounds, layers, and complex arrangements. But having played the piano in church from the age of 12, and also starting violin lessons at around the same time, I realised from early on, the importance of playing music as opposed to just creating it. In this album I wanted to give the listener a sense of wonder and excitement from just the violin and piano together. I chose a performance feel, as opposed to editing out every wrong note or imperfection - which is done as the norm these days. Some of these arrangements, of which I recorded the piano part first, I have played at various churches in the UK and abroad. I hope the recorded version will bring a blessing to the listener, as have the live performances, which I enjoy so much!

Sam West