The Voice Building (vocal exercises for singers) CD, by Sam West


This audio programme by Sam West, consists of a careful selection of vocal exercises, which with proper use, will help singers to develop and maintain vocal strength, and agility. The exercises range from warming up exercises, to challenging exercises - which will be interesting to singers of all levels. There is also a section containing Aural (ear) tests: this aims to enhance the singer's listening skills. Good aural awareness is essential for all singers, especially when harmonising. Practicing vocal exercises is very important for singers of all styles: there is usually a noticeable difference - both to the singer them self, and listeners too, when the voice is properly exercised! With iPods, other portable systems and car audio systems, singers can practice exercises even when travelling to gigs, rehearsals, recording sessions, church, and all other singing activities. This ensures that the voice is warmed up beforehand - thus saving time, and (often) money! Many singing teachers use the 'Voice Building' recording as material for their own lessons, as they too find the variety of exercises invaluable for their work. Sam West sings the exercises in various keys, and there is also the musical accompaniment to all exercises (karaoke style), in the latter section of the recording. Some of the exercises on the 'Voice Building' program can also be found on the Vocal Workout DVD. However, the audio program places more emphasis on the exercising aspect of vocal development, whereas the DVD program explains technique in more detail. The programs can be used separately, or together - according to individual requirements. Obtaining both the DVD and audio program, will help you to create an invaluable system of practicing, and developing your vocal fitness. ORDER ON LINE, OR BUY FROM YOUR LOCAL MUSIC STORE (DISTRIBUTED BY FABER MUSIC LTD, product ref IMP3487A).