Some background information on Sam West and his work



Sam West is well known and respected within the UK music scene - especially for his work as a vocal trainer to contemporary singers. His vocal work is varied and involves coaching:

  • individuals
  • groups
  • classes (adults, youths and also primary school)
  • church worship groups and choirs

His vocal exercise CD entitled 'Voice Building' has been used by thousands of singers worldwide, since it was released (initially on cassette) in 1988. In 1992 he recorded 'The Sam West Vocal Workout' video (now on DVD) - which was the first vocal tuition video to have been recorded by a UK artist. Both these products were recorded for IMP / Warner Chappell Ltd, whose catalogue is now managed by Faber Music (UK). These titles are available at music stores and websites globally, and have retained leading positions in their fields.

Sam's formal training began with violin lessons, in 1974 at the age of 12. He progressed quickly, culminating in a valuable period of full time study at The Royal College of Music, London. At the same time, Sam could often be found playing the piano and organ in churches, and directing church choirs. His 'classical' training, and gospel   background, has allowed him to view music broadly, and   work with a   wide range of artists   of various   styles.


Sam also teaches a limited amount of violin and piano students: a role which he feels is a vital part of his work; he says: "I know how much I've been inspired by my past teachers: their positive input will always remain with me. Remembering my teachers and lessons always brings a smile to my face! It's my responsibility to pass these positive values on to others, through my teaching work - which I love".


As well as teaching, he also arranges, and produces recording projects. His piano skills are constantly required in the studio or for live functions.

A firm believer in music education, Sam often works with community organisations to develop and run music courses and projects. Establishments he has taught in, have ranged from primary schools, to Wormwood Scrubs prison.

Sam West observes: "In the music business, there are many artists who have little talent (i.e. minimal singing ability) but are marketed on their image. However, singers who have ability, are likely to have a longer music career - if they nurture their talent. An artist should aim for excellence in their craft: fame and 'stardom' is not enough! Training is important, because it helps to build a solid platform upon which to enter the artistic world - a very demanding environment at times! As a teacher, I'm able to advise students about their art, and also about some of the pros and cons they may encounter on their journey. Every budding artist should realise that they are constantly developing, which is a life long process!

I would point out that being a singer or musician isn't about being on MTV or playing the Royal Albert Hall; those are fine achievements. But simply learning to appreciate music, and to enhance other people's lives through music, is a wonderful goal for any individual. It's a goal I always endeavour to pursue to the best of my ability, while helping others to do so too"!